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 Hey guys!!

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Hey guys!! Empty
PostSubject: Hey guys!!   Hey guys!! EmptyTue May 25, 2010 10:36 am

So, my May 24 (long weekend) was a shit show haha, i slept at my ex-gf's house friday night (was a bit akward but w/e) we're still friends lol, it was decently fun actually haha, then saturday i freaking bought 3 26rs of Smirnoff Vodka, and a 24 of bud light lime, great beer, expensive weekend, that lasted me sat/sunday.... was a mad party weekend, got kicked out of my house, because my step mom flipped on me for reasons unknown, but im living at my real moms now, got my computer in my room, and internet haha, so i could easily come back to rvs once in a while, but i'm going to buy the stimulus package for mw2, so i can get the newer maps, haha, games actually awesome.

if anyone in FX is still actually playing raven shield, shout out, add me on msn,steam, what ever haha, anyways pce out
(BTW. it's iMmO* )

msn: notta.crazy.guy15@hotmail.com
steam: kieron_mccolm@hotmail.com
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Hey guys!!
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